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Mar 01,

5 ways to avoid jetlag and sleep better

5 ways to avoid jetlag and sleep better

If you have recently travelled and are experiencing an extreme case of jet lag, you are not alone. The reason why you cannot sleep well after a flight and why your sleep-wake cycle goes out of sync, is because travelling to different time zones results in an imbalance in the natural ‘biological clock’ and circadian rhythms of your body. Since your normal routine gets disrupted, so does your sleeping pattern. You might find yourself falling asleep at the wrong time, feeling constantly drowsy or being hit by an extreme case of insomnia once you have reached your destination. If you are facing any such problems after a long flight, there are some ways you can avoid jet lag and sleep better. Here are a few tips you can try:

Adjust Your Body To The Destination Time Zone

Before you actually start your travelling, start sleeping according to the timings of your destination zone. This way your body will be used to the sleeping pattern that you will follow after your flight and you won’t have too much difficulty falling asleep.

Control Your Sleep During The Flight

If you sleep during the flight, it will mess up your sleeping pattern even more especially if it is daytime where you are going. Avoid falling asleep and wait till you reach your destination. If it is night time where you are going, you can get some sleep on the plane but don’t force yourself. If you have trouble falling asleep on the plane just rest as much as possible and sleep once you reach your destination.

Reset Your Watch

As soon as you board your flight you should adjust your watch to the time zone you are travelling to. This helps you get in the mindset of the place you are going to and gets you ready for the new destination as you can now keep track of the time you will be following there.

Keep Yourself Moving

While you are on the plane you can try moving around by taking a walk around the plane, stretching and doing some static exercises. Even when you reach your destination you can take a walk outdoors as exposure to sunlight can help regulate your circadian rhythms, and do some light exercises but do avoid any heavy exercises as that can delay your sleep further.

Keep Hydrated

If your body is dehydrated, you will find it even more difficult to fall asleep as your body is unable to adjust to the new rhythm. Make sure your intake of fluids is sufficient and that you don’t end up taking coffee, tea or caffeine drinks while you are on the flight.

Go For A Hot Bath

Before you go to bed after your flight, go for a hot bath which will help relax your muscles and wind you down. Also, the drop in body temperature you experience after the bath will make you drowsy and you can go to sleep comfortably.