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Dec 14,

Getting a Better Understanding of Erectile Dysfunction

Getting a Better Understanding of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, sometimes called ED or impotence, is a very important concern for many men today. This is the inability of a man to have and sustain an erection, and it can be a serious problem for the psychology of some. In addition, it could be a symptom of another health problem, such as prostate cancer.

The Signs And Symptoms

Knowing that one has ED is relatively easy. He simply has the inability to have an erection, or cannot maintain one. The man may also find that he has a reduced sex drive. In some cases, men are able to sustain the erection while masturbating, but not while having actual intercourse. Even though some will experience this sort of problem on occasion, it is not generally a problem. However, if it continues to occur and simply does not go away, it is time to speak with a doctor.
The doctor will generally want to access your overall health, as erectile dysfunction can stem from a variety of different things. The doctor wants to have a good picture of your health to get an idea of what might be wrong in order to find the best ways to remedy the problem.

What Causes ED?

The causes for erectile dysfunction can be physical or they could be psychological. There could be something wrong with the shape or structure of the penis, the hormone levels might be off, or there could be a neurological condition causing it. There could be issues with the blood flow to the penis as well.
Some of the physical issues that could cause ED include diabetes, clogged blood vessels, heart disease, prostate issues, high blood pressure, physical injuries to the pelvis, penis, or spinal cord, and kidney disease. Obesity, stoke, and substance abuse are a few of the other reasons that someone may have erectile dysfunction.
In addition to the physical causes of erectile dysfunction, it is also possible for psychological issues to create the problem. Some of the biggest issues that cause this problem in men include stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Having relationship problems may also contribute to the issue.

Epidemiology Of Erectile Dysfunction

The current studies suggest that between 5-20% of men are suffering from some type of moderate to severe type of erectile dysfunction. There is a variance in the rates for a number of reasons, including failure to report the problem, differences in ages of the men suffering, different medical conditions causing the problems, and methodological differences as well. There tends to be more men who are elderly who suffer from this problem, often because some of the conditions that cause the ED tend to hit the elderly more often.

What Will The Doctor Do?

When you speak with a doctor, it is important to remember that this issue occurs with many men, so do not feel embarrassed. Doctors have a range of different tests they can use to try to find the underlying cause of the ED. They may check the prostate gland and give you blood tests or urine tests. They may also examine the structure of the penis to make sure there are no deformities or issues that could cause the problem.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for erectile dysfunction will vary greatly since it could have so many different causes. The doctor may recommend some lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, stopping smoking, and getting more exercise. They might recommend finding some ways to relieve stress. Additionally, they may want to increase your testosterone levels. They may also suggest medications, such as Viagra. Your doctor will know the best options for your particular condition, so listen to what the professional says.