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Dec 07,

How to Avoid Colds and the Flu

How to Avoid Colds and the Flu

When the cold and flu season arrive, it can sometimes feel as though you are navigating a minefield as you try to make sure you are staying as far away from all of the sick people out there as possible. Your co-workers, your children, and your spouse may all come down with the sickness, and you need to do your best to avoid it if you can. This is not always easy, naturally, but you can have a much better chance of staying healthy with the tips that follow here in this post. Start implementing these so you can avoid cold and flu season.

Keep Clean

Whenever you shake someone’s hand, make sure that you wash your own hands as soon as you can. When you wash your hands, you can remove germs that could otherwise make it into your system and cause you to become ill. Additionally, you need to realize that this is not always possible! To help reduce the spread of germs when you cannot wash your hands, make sure you keep your hands away from your nose, mouth, and eyes. Those are the easiest places for germs to enter the body, so keep the hands off.

Get Your Rest

Another reason that many people become sick during cold and flu season is that they are not actually getting enough rest. This diminishes the capacity of their immune system, making it easier to become sick. Always do your best to get between eight and ten hours of sleep each night.

Eating Right And Exercising

Additionally, it is a good idea to exercise as much as possible. When you sweat and work out, you are doing several things. You are eliminating toxins from the body through your sweat, and this helps to enhance your body’s immune function. You will also be getting stronger and dropping weight. Working out can also help to regulate sleeping patterns, which we have already learned is an important element of avoiding colds and the flu.

Epidemiology Of The Cold And Flu

The number of people who get colds and the flu varies from year to year based on how bad the cold and flu season happens to be for the year. Generally, between 5 -20% of people will get a cold or the flu.
Colds, however, are more prevalent, and the percentage is often higher. While someone may only get the flu once a year or once every several years, they can often come down with several colds throughout a single year.

Keep Your Distance

You may also want to stay away from those around you who are ill as much as possible. While this will not always be possible with family members, it should be possible to limit contact with some co-workers, who should go home, and to limit your social interactions with friends who might be ill.
While there are no fast and sure tricks to eliminate the possibility of getting a cold or the flu all of the time, adhering to the above tips really can help you reduce your risks substantially. When cold and flu season starts to rear its ugly head, it is time for you to remain vigilant.