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Feb 01,

Yoga vs. Gym: Which Is Better for You?

Yoga vs. Gym: Which Is Better for You?

You want to get into better shape. Perhaps you want to lose some weight, or maybe you want to become stronger and put on just a few more pounds of muscle. What is the best way to work out and to become fit? It seems as though everyone has his or her idea of which method of getting in shape is the best, so it really pays to dissect the pros and cons of each offering to find out what’s right for you. Are you the type of person who wants to go in for the lower impact yoga workouts and eventually move on to the more difficult forms and options, or would you rather hit the gym and the weights? It is time to look at what each has to offer and what they can offer one another.

Taking A Yoga Class

Yoga is great for the body, as long as you have a qualified instructor who can ensure you are performing all of the postures correctly. Doing yoga brings about a greater overall awareness of the body, and this helps with a variety of different things, including your balance, and your posture throughout the day. It improves your body’s mobility and flexibility, as well as your breath control. You will be using your bodyweight as resistance for the yoga poses, and this actually helps to build strength quickly. It can also hit some muscles that you may not hit during a regular workout.
Another one of the benefits of doing yoga is the fact that the classes are conducted in relaxed atmospheres most of the time. This allows you to enjoy the class without worrying about competing with other people at the gym to see who can lift more or who can cycle faster. The non-competitive nature of yoga makes it very popular.

Hitting The Gym

The gym is a good choice, as well. It allows you do work all of your different muscle groups individually and to focus on different areas of the body. Building strength tends to build muscle, as well, and having more muscle on your frame means you will be able to burn more calories even while at rest. Building strength and larger muscles through lifting increasingly heavier weights is possible through the types of workouts you get at the gym.
Ultimately, you will find that both the gym and a yoga workout have the ability to deliver you the results you want. The factor that makes all the difference in the world is you and how much effort you put forth into getting into better shape. Choose the workout plan that excites you the most.
You might even find that doing both some yoga and some time at the gym is your best option. In fact, since yoga can promote greater balance and endurance in the body, it is a very good option to add to a regular gym workout. Since working out with weights increases strength, it can improve yoga postures and performance, as well. Instead of looking at it as an either/or option, look at them as being beneficial to one another.