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CD247 redefines the concept of concierge healthcare.

We’ve blended design thinking and cutting-edge technology to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered.

CD247 redefines the concept of concierge healthcare.

See patients at your convenience using your mobile device. Boost your income, enjoy flexible hours, see patients from anywhere, and get paid straight after.

Join the revolution in healthcare and rediscover the joy of practicing medicine!

See CD247 Patients

Increase your earning potential by seeing patients we bring to you. We are affiliated with a large number of insurance companies and employers who use our on demand concierge medical care for their employees. Join our CD247 network and you'll get urgent care training, clinical guidelines, peer support and auto billing, leaving you to focus on patient care.
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See your own Patient

A key to growing your practice is to engage with your patients and offer them convenience. Allow them to experience a world of personalised service and technological innovation. With our HIPAA compliant platform, you can start consulting with your own patients for all their urgent medical problems.
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How does it work?
  • Easy to use & Convenient
    Work from home, the clinic or anywhere.
  • Online Scheduling
    CD247 app allows you to control your availability to deliver care anytime, from anywhere.
  • Receive Appointments
    CD247 app tracks your location, notifies you of appointment requests near you and shows you the quickest way to get there.
  • Efficient Patient Visits
    You’ll have access to patient medical health records in advance, making your consultation much more efficient and effective.
  • Doctor is on Route
    Tell your patients when you have left for them to track your journey for a live ETA.
  • Manage Appointments
    It’s all in the app – start consultation, assess and examine, document findings, dispense medication or issue an e-prescription and then end the consultation.

What our Doctors’s Say

Dr. Solanki
- General Practitioner

CD247 has brought GP consultations into a new era - where professionalism and patient convenience is combined.

Dr. Tan
- General Practitioner

This is a great way to practice Medicine, at my own pace and at a time and place that suits me.

Dr Fernandes
- General Practitioner

CD247 allows me to work nights or days in fact anytime when I like. Empowering the doctor again is great for patient care.

Dr Patel
- General Practitioner

CD247 is a world away from previous experiences elsewhere, I can choose my shifts, choose my patients and choose when I can see them.

Dr. Turner
- General Practitioner

This is the only place of work that pays you at the time of seeing the patients, no chasing invoices, no delayed payments.

Dr. Parker
- General Practitioner

No more stressed clinics, running late, failed referrals - CD247 is both patient friendly and GP friendly.

With Concierge Doctor, its easier than ever

Choose when and where you want to work and we'll connect you with patients looking to consult with a doctor.

  • Enjoy higher income and enhance your lifestyle
  • Get paid per consultation with no administrative hassle
  • Revenue without overheads
Quality of life
  • Grow your own Private Practice
  • Set your appointment availability and let patients schedule ahead of time
  • Take charge of your schedule - Set your hours and services
Professional Development
  • Auto payment collection
  • Integrated Patient Health Record
  • Receive full training and expand your clinical area of focus
CD247 Medical Expert Network
Be part of the next big thing in Healthcare
Virtual Private Practice

Get a free Virtual Private Practice.


With CD247, you can develop a Virtual Private Practice making you more accessible to patients, widening your online presence to thrive your medical practice.
We at CD247 promote your medical expertise and connect you with patients looking for a private GP with your experience.
Because our app runs on any smartphone or tablet, you can run your Virtual Private Practice from anywhere at anytime at no cost.

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