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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Home Testing Kits
Concierge Doctor now offers Coronavirus home self testing kits. Our tests are highly accurate PCR swab tests and can be carried out by a simple throat swab that you can take yourself at home.

Coronavirus Test Kit - £450

Currently the NHS has limited Coronovirus testing to hospitalised patients.
Due to increased demand and concern from our patients and medical colleagues we are now able to provide COVID-19 testing kits for patients and for corporate clients.
Get your Coronavirus Test Kit
Order online and we'll post your kit next day delivery to get you tested as soon as possible. Our accurate PCR throat swab has a 2 day turn around time and can help put your mind at ease.
Perform the test
Your kit contains everything you need for your Coronavirus test. When you’re done, use the freepost envelope to send it back.
Results within 48 hours
Once the results are back our expert clinical team will contact you regarding the results to discuss further management. If the patient tests positive for COVID-19 or any other virus. We shall provide initial steps about what to do and also any clinical advice that is necessary according to the patient's clinical condition.
What are the symptoms?


Shortness of breath


Take the test - £450