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Mar 30,


24-Hour Visiting Doctor Service: Our private GP’s can visit you anywhere in London. So why travel all the way to a hospital or a clinic when we can come to your door step and provide you with health care services without any compromise to your comfort and ease. Request for a doctor to call or visit using the CD247 app. Our 24-Hour visiting doctor service is especially targeted towards those individuals who find it inconvenient to go to the doctor themselves due to work commitments or conveyance issues. Hence, we understand how difficult it can be for you to travel when you feel weak and lack strength to travel to a doctor who can personally attend to you.   Whether you are suffering from a new illness or one with a prolonged course, you need medications or have a flare of a known illness, CD247 allows you to contact a doctor with a click of a button. Care is extended to friends and family members through the app, so you are never caught out with unwell visitors or family members. Our highly qualified and experienced team of visiting doctors provide you with all the medical assistance and support to allow you to recover as early as possible. We will dispense common medications at the time of consultation or provide a prescription to help your speedy recovery, and if you need specialist care, we will arrange a referral or hospital admission under experts in the field. At CD247, your health is in our hands, all you need to do is book an appointment to be in touch with a doctor, leave the rest to us.