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May 29,

On-Demand Urgent London GP Visiting Doctor Service for your Hotel Guests

Sometimes hotel guests might fall sick and don't know where or who to go for medical advice. Most of the guests in your hotel are most likely on their vacation and might find their surroundings strange and alien without a familiar face to rely on. In such times, we provide a complete range of private medical services that can address your guests' medical concerns, including a full history and examination, further investigations such as blood tests or xrays & scans, as well as medication prescriptions or a specialist referral where required. Getting your guests back up on their feet with quick efficient early treatment so that they can get on with enjoying their stay. Prompt attention and assurance for your guests is our priority, leave the medical aspect to us, allowing you to concentrate on delivering first class hospitality. Contacting us is easy as pie, either call us on 0844 247 247 9 any time of the day or night or download our app 'CD247' to request an instant telephone consultation or in-person visit.  
Mar 21,

Sometimes hotel guests might fall sick & don’t know where to go for medical advice.

Most Of The Guests In Your Hotel Are Most Likely On Their Vacation And Might Find Their Surroundings Strange And Alien Without A Familiar Face To Rely On. At Concierge Doctor24/7, we strive to deliver unrivalled private medical services to our valuable patients. We ensure that our doctors take proper and complete care of your medical concerns and provide reliable course of action to fight the symptoms of your disease. We provide our patients with 24-hour access to our private medical services, which means no matter what time of the day or night it is; our private visiting doctors will be available at your doorstep within 90 minutes. We understand that people might experience sudden medical conditions, which might worsen over time. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive range of services that are especially designed to cater to your individual medical needs. We also provide mobile pharmacy, which assist the doctor to prescribe appropriate medication at that very same moment after a thorough examination. For further assistance or to answer your questions, call us on 0844 247 2479 or book an online appointment with us. No Matter What Time Of The Day Or Night It Is, Our 24-Hour Visiting Doctor Service Is Here To Help You We understand how difficult it can be to watch your loved ones go through immense pain as they try to cope with their medical condition while waiting for their turn at your local hospital. For this purpose, we have created an efficient and prompt 24-hour visiting doctor service for our patient. We realise how quickly symptoms can multiply eventually worsening your condition, so you can now call us on 0844 247 2479 and speak to one of our visiting doctors who can guide you through the process of booking a private visit. You can now schedule your very own private doctor visit by selecting a time or ask the doctor about their availability so that he/she can visit as soon as possible. We provide private visiting doctors for both private individuals and companies. Therefore, if your company is looking to book an appointment with us call our team now or book an appointment online. We Are Now Available 24-Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week Have a plane to catch or late for a meeting and you don't feel well, give us a call at 0844 247 2479 and we will have a private visiting doctor at your doorstep in no time. We provide efficient and competent private medical services to cater to both private individuals and corporations. Do you require immediate medical attention at your home, office or hotel? We at Concierge Doctor24/7 can have a private GP visit you anywhere in London quickly. Gone are the days of waiting in long queues at your local hospital and trying to book an appointment for a doctor. You can now receive great quality medical services within the comfort of your home and you don't need to feel guilty about it because you are paying for it. Let our professional and qualified visiting doctors handle all your medical issues and take great care of you during examinations and follow-up appointments. Book an online appointment and take the opportunity to experience superior and brilliant medical services that we have to offer you.