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May 29,

On-Demand Urgent London GP Visiting Doctor Service for your Hotel Guests

Sometimes hotel guests might fall sick and don't know where or who to go for medical advice. Most of the guests in your hotel are most likely on their vacation and might find their surroundings strange and alien without a familiar face to rely on. In such times, we provide a complete range of private medical services that can address your guests' medical concerns, including a full history and examination, further investigations such as blood tests or xrays & scans, as well as medication prescriptions or a specialist referral where required. Getting your guests back up on their feet with quick efficient early treatment so that they can get on with enjoying their stay. Prompt attention and assurance for your guests is our priority, leave the medical aspect to us, allowing you to concentrate on delivering first class hospitality. Contacting us is easy as pie, either call us on 0844 247 247 9 any time of the day or night or download our app 'CD247' to request an instant telephone consultation or in-person visit.  
Mar 29,


Don't Let Sickness Hamper Productivity At Your Workplace

A healthy team is a productive team. This is the general rule. If productivity at your workplace is on a decline due to increasing number of employee absences and sick leaves, we have the perfect solution for you. Investing in our corporate wellness programme you can make sure that your team stays fit and healthy at all times and remains motivated to give its 100%.

We offer corporate healthcare and concierge services that are focused on providing preventative care. As a result, chances of your employees falling sick are significantly reduced.

Don't take chances when it comes to ensuring your employees' wellbeing and good health. It will directly affect productivity at your workplace. Simply call us on 0844 247 2479 and get all the necessary assistance regarding corporate health. Our doctors and experts do all in their power to make sure that your employees stay healthy and productive.

Do Your Employees Fall Sick Often? Overcome The Challenge With Our Corporate Wellbeing Programme!

If sick leaves and employee absences are a common thing at your workplace, we can help you resolve the issue. Our corporate wellness programme has been designed to ensure that your employees stay healthy and productive 99% of the time. Get in touch with our corporate healthcare experts to know all that is there to corporate wellbeing.

Our team is keen to assist you in all aspect of corporate healthcare and provides reliable advice and services in this regard.

To us, corporate healthcare is not only about suggesting suitable cures but it is also about providing top quality preventative care. We believe in reaching the root of the problem to avoid its frequent occurrence. As a result, we provide preventative care at workplaces to make sure that your team remains healthy and productive and you reap higher profits.

Call us on 0844 247 2479 to get to know more about our corporate healthcare services.

Invest In Your Employees' Health

Have you suffered from a loss or a setback as a consequence of unexpected illness or injury to your employees? If yes, you must be aware of the importance of investing in your employees' health and wellbeing. If no, then you better prepare yourself for such a situation. You never know what's in store for you in the future and preparing for the worst always pays.

Our team is available for your assistance round the clock, 365 days a year. We are committed to providing top quality corporate healthcare and have devised a dedicated corporate wellbeing programme for this purpose.

We take all relevant measures that lead to the creation of a healthy, happy and productive team. The end result is higher profits for you and faster growth of your business.

Connect with us by calling on 0844 247 2479 and invest in a bespoke corporate healthcare package specifically devised for your employees.

For more information on this and other services see or contact on 0844 247 2479